Get Your Dog to Come When Called

Fido COME!  Fluffy Get over here right NOW!  Come on puppy PLEASE come to mommy.2015-08-06 15.09.55

Sound familiar?  Are you being ignored by your dog? Do you call and call and call your dog to come to you, and get no response?  Or maybe they come so close, and when you reach for them they bolt?  Let’s talk about some reasons why you can’t get your dog to come when called.
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2015-08-06 09.30.58Every Day should be a “Happy Dog Day”, but in the wonderful spirit of “National Dog Day” why not do something special with your fur baby. Gus and I get out for a hike or walk most days, but today along with Pop, we will go for a longer than usual hike and a swim.  We are also going to make a special visit to our local shelter and bring some treats.Continue Reading

Traveling with Dogs

2015-08-24 13.48.36
Ok Mom I’m ready to go!

Hi Folks,


With Labor Day weekend less than a week away, summer is quickly slipping away here in the North Eastern, U.S.  Schools are getting ready to open their doors, and back to school shopping is in full swing.  Although seeing summer fade always makes me a bit melancholy, I remind myself how much I enjoy that first glimpse of fall color in the trees and the crisp autumn mornings hiking with my husband and my fur baby Gus. The Autumn season can be a great time to take a trip with your beloved pup.Continue Reading

Correct Bad Dog Behavior

2015-08-17 12.49.46
Look what I found Mom!

Hi Folks,

Are the cute antics of your new pup growing old, or maybe you’ve adopted a rescue and are quickly realizing that this beautiful animal has some undesirable behaviors?  I get asked all the time, “Hey Deb, when should I start training my pup, or dog?”  my answer is always “The first day you bring them into your home”.   But it’s never too late folks, so lets look at how we can “Correct Bad Dog Behavior.”Continue Reading

Helping a Dog with Anxiety Issues

Valentine’s Day 2015 Murphy’s first day in his new home!

Meet Murphy,

My daughter Meaghan’s cattle dog mix, who was rescued from the streets of Georgia as a stray.  I can’t help but smile every time I look at this picture!  Meaghan and her fiancé Kevin, have given this adorable dog a wonderful, loving, happy home. There were, however, a few bumps in the road as Murphy got acquainted with his new home.  Meaghan, being the loving fur mommy that she is, started to notice that Murphy was displaying some anxiety-driven behaviors.  Its certainly understandable that Murphy would be anxious in the beginning, so Meaghan thought it would be best to give him copious amounts of time, and obviously love.  Unfortunately, as time went by, Murphy started to get a bit more anxious.  Continue Reading

Blade’s Journey

It was just about dawn in Newark, NJ.  The smell of the pollution was no match fo11880118_10205093430398957_939890694_nr the overbearing smell of blood and death surrounding him.  His eyes were heavy after another long night of fighting off the last of the pack he was left with.  His mate lay dead beside him.  When he and the others lived inside the house she became pregnant with his puppies.  After she had her litter the humans left, and left her puppies, her, Blade and four others out on a small back porch.  He was almost relieved when they left, as they made him fight the other dogs constantly.  He never wanted to, and they punished him for being too “weak”.  He was the biggest of them all, and according to them the biggest disappointment.  Many of the other dogs became aggressive out of necessity, so when they were left with no food tempers were high.  It didn’t take long before they began fighting and feeding off of one another.  Blade tried desperately to protect his mate and puppies but as the weakest members they were the first to go.  Although it goes against his nature, he had to fight to protect the only puppy they didn’t manage to get, and had to eat as well.Continue Reading

Dog Anxiety…What the heck?

2015-08-06 09.30.58
PopPop 83yrs old hiking w/Gus 8/2015 3mi !

Seems like we are hearing more, and more, about dogs suffering from anxiety issues.  I had to ask myself, WHY?  Years ago, when I was a kid, (ok,ok, MANY years ago,) you would hear about someone’s hunting dog being “gun shy”, or a dog might be afraid of thunderstorms, but “separation anxiety,” when did this start, and  What the heck is going on with our dogs?  Continue Reading

What to consider before adopting a dog.

Hi Folks,

This is an issue very near and dear to my heart, but it’s not an easy one to confront.  It will require some serious soul searching, and personal honesty, about whether or not, you are cropped-IMG_0013.jpgtruly ready to adopt a dog.  I want to let you know, I feel very strongly, that the questions I will be asking you, apply to all pet adoptions, and purchases, but for right now, this post ,and this site is dedicated to dogs.  So let’s take a look at some things to consider before “adopting” a dog.Continue Reading